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Use the Messaging API to build bots that provide personalized experiences for your users on LINE. You associate your bot with a channel on the LINE Platform. The bot works behind the LINE official account that is generated when you create the channel if you operate the account in bot mode.. Note: As of April 18, 2019, the existing [email protected] account plans have been consolidated into the new LINE

The number of messages retrieved by this operation includes the number of messages sent from LINE Official Account Manager. The number of messages retrieved by this operation is approximate. To get the correct number of sent messages, use LINE Official Account Manager or execute API operations for getting the number of sent messages.

The Messaging API lets you develop two-way communication between your service and LINE users. By tapping the rich menu (show products), you can see the new MINI Crossover models in a carousel template message. Get started with the Messaging API Create a bot to interact with LINE users. Start now. Documentation.

Messaging APIで作成できるリッチメニューの数の上限は、LINE公式アカウントあたり1000件です。 この上限を超過した場合は、新しいリッチメニューを作成する前に既存のリッチメニューを削除する必

Dec 02, 2017 · LINE Messaging API. 日本語の説明はこちら. This is a C# implementation of the LINE Messaging API.. Getting Started. This repository contains SDK itself, as well as base samples and Visual Studio templates.

Oct 27, 2019 · LINE Messaging API SDK for Python. SDK of the LINE Messaging API for Python. Introduction. The LINE Messaging API SDK for Python makes it easy to develop bots using LINE Messaging API, and you can create a sample bot within minutes.

The LINE Developers site is a portal site for developers. It contains documents and tools that will help you use our various developer products. Creating LINE Login and Messaging API applications and services has never been easier!

Mar 19, 2018 · วันนี้อยากจะมาแนะนำ API ตัวใหม่จาก LINE API ที่ยังไม่เห็นคนใช้กันเท่าไหร่

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